Balancing health with a busy schedule can get complicated. These daily healthy habits are a great way to look after yourself and your SIBO.

  1. Always keep a water bottle with you. There are lots of great mobile apps that will remind you to drink water and track your intake for the day. Make sure you’re always hydrated!
  2. Keep a stash of your prescribed antibiotics, medicine, herbal supplements, or probiotics with you wherever you go. Fill a vitamin container with the pills you need daily, to ensure no missed doses.
  3. Make sure you have snacks! When hunger kicks in, sometimes it’s hard to find quick snacks that are suitable on a tricky stomach. Keep low FODMAP snacks on hand, such as pumpkin seeds.
  4. Individually wrapped wipes are your pal (but make sure they don’t contain alcohol.) Another great tip is carrying around lavender-scented antibacterial spray to spritz onto shopping cart handles or steering wheels.