About Sibo Canada

SIBO Canada was developed to allow for Hydrogen and Methane breath tests to be more readily available to Canadian Physicians and Patients for the diagnosis of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO).

SIBO Canada is a company that supplies The EasySampler™ Breath Test Kit from Quintron to Canadian patients. This is the most popular breath-test kit for at home breath testing for Hydrogen, and Methane gases. This patented breath-collection kit allows for patients to collect samples in the convenience of their home and mail their breath samples back to our laboratory for analysis. .

Most physicians offices do not have the resources to have a breath test analyzer to do these tests at their finger tips. SIBO Canada has come up with a solution to help out the physician to be able to diagnose their patients with a simple solution to this problem. No longer will you have to ship to the states or refer patients to another clinic for SIBO testing. This is the best option for the Canadian physician and patient. You can either have patients directly order through our lab or can purchase kits and testing that fits your clinic needs.